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We are a professional and certified House Cleaning company with over 10 years of cleaning experience. We are located in Victoria, Australia, and we provide cleaning services for countless people and projects within the city. We boast of being the best cleaning service provider in the country, and our high client base speaks great about us.

We have helped to solve countless cleaning problems for our esteemed clients. Since the launch of our company, we have gone into length to innovate our cleaning procedures to ensure we deliver the best cleaning standards for your home. You will find nowhere else a cleaning service provider like us.

There is no project big or small for us, and we are capable of handling even big warehouse cleaning needs. We ensure we make every project new once we are approved to work on it while ensuring you get safety assurances for your private property.

  • Do you need assistance to clean your house?
  • Are you on the lookout for a cleaning company that you can count on for your commercial or private premises?
  • Are you looking to keep bugs and infectious impurities away?
  • Are we looking for a new way to make your carpet clean?
  • Are you on a low budget and looking for a cleaning company to handle all your cleanliness issues?

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We are a highly rated and trusted cleaning service provider availing our countless services to needy customers’ throughout Victoria. We possess the best team of professional cleaners who are extensively trained to ensure they provide the best cleaning services. As a proven cleaning service provider, we have for years served our customers with exquisite cleaning works.

Our cleaning prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed. Most clients return to us attesting about our high-quality cleaning services, which are rivaled by few. Check our testimonial section to get the real picture of what we offer. New clients come to us day in day out with intentions of enjoying our extensive cleaning services.

We offer the best end of tenancy cleaning services for distressed clients seeks to vacate their premises. Your landlord will be left wowed by our cleaning services when inspecting your residing premises. You need not worry as we got you covered. Additionally, we offer a makeover treatment experience for your old sofa and rusted electronic components that need a change.

Are you worried about where you can get a professional cleaning company to handle all your stuff? Look no further. Shiny’s cleaning services are here to help you out. We have a diverse range of cleaning services that can transform your business, home, and many other cleaning works. From the end of the tenancy to spring cleaning we are the best cleaning service provider for you anytime

Don’t wait any longer to make a makeover for your dirty home or office. Contact us online or through our landline number and make a quotation with the best high-quality cleaning service provider. We offer discounts for our established customers.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Our Company?

What makes Shiny’s Cleaning Services so unique? First and foremost, we hire the best and highly trained cleaning personnel. Our recruitment process is rigorous to ensure only the best cleaners are employed for handling all Domestic Cleaning needs.

We only recruit and hire cleaners with good reputable morals and have been thoroughly investigated by police. They have to produce a legally valid document from the police to show they possess good moral qualities. This is to ensure you are comfortable with letting our cleaners into your home. We do not want to let a pervert roam around your home.

Our pool of dedicated cleaners is always ready to work on your quote and provide the best cleaning experience. Most of our cleaners have families and know what it takes to ensure a thorough House Cleaning process.

We are a fully insured cleaning company that offers total protection for your whole family and business. You need not worry when getting acquainted with us. Feel safe and assured with us as we follow the highest safety standards while working. We won’t interrupt your normal working routine by causing the minimum disruption to your workplace.

We handle all kinds of jobs you are unable to tackle. For most people wondering, what is the best carpet cleaning near me? We handle all sought of house stuff while making them sparkling brand new. Even for the most stubborn electronic cooking appliances, with Shiny Cleaning services, you are guaranteed of exquisite cleaning experience. 

We are constantly advancing and employing the most sophisticated cleaning technology capable of handling all kinds of dirt. We also keep ourselves above our competitors by educating our cleaning personnel on the latest Home Cleaningtechniques. We are always top-rated in the cleaning industry whilst providing an outstanding cleaning experience.

Additionally, if you want to visit your home while we are cleaning, we have a wide range of cleaning formulation. Our cleaning products provide the best results and are friendly to breathe through. Most of the products we use for cleaning are certified by the respective health authority. They will cause no harm to your home, where kids are uncontrollable.

No type of job is too simple or complex for Shiny’s Cleaning Services. We are ready to roll our sleeves and tackle even the most daunting tasks. It’s for this reason that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. Our cleaning process is top notch and takes a few days to get complete.

If you are not fully impressed with our work, we will go the extra mile to get it completed as per your specifications. You are our most important and entrusted asset. We go as far as to ensure you are satisfied with the work done in your business apartment or home. There is no better cleaning service provider like us.

We’re are proud of our hard-earned reputation of being the best customer friendly cleaning company in Melbourne. We take exceptional care of our clients, and this is why we are seeking for you to recommend us to other people.

All cleaning companies are different in the way they handle customers and in the articulation of cleanliness. If you have tried out a different cleaning company and ended up being disappointed, it’s high time you consulted for our cleaning services.

We have thousands of happy clients who are always ready to testify that we are reputable and the best in business. This is why our customers keep returning to us. We build up a distinct customer experience that ensures we handle every client’s quote in a personalized manner.

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